Re-imagine your calendar

Reserverr is a free online service that can make appointments & reservations for you. It works by calling the place automatically then verifying it with a real person.

10,000+ Reservations

Using Reserverr, our users have made 12,403 reservations. Today, we have a reservation acceptance rate of 100%.

Note: these are real facts and figures that are updated hourly.

Try it out

Not convinced? We'll send a call to your phone with the same message a restaurant would hear.

Schedule a reservation
Schedule a reservation from your iPhone or computer.

Within seconds you can make a reservation to any place. Login through our website or iPhone app and schedule your reservation.

Automatic Call
We send the place an automated call.

Our system sends the place you made a reservation to an automated call.

We confirm it with a real person.

We've hired to best employees at Reserverr to ensure your reservations have been made.

We contact you to tell you the reservation has been made.